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Roza Metîna


Roza Metîna was born in 1985 in the village of Fitn in the district of Derik. She completed her primary, secondary, and high school education in Derik. She studied in the child development department at Dicle University. She prepared and presented a television program called Fêrgeh on the children’s television station Zarok TV. She also prepared and presented children’s programs on the radio broadcast service of Gün TV. As a member of the Children Literature Committee she supported a project called Pirtûkxaneya Bideng (Libraries Out Loud). She is a member of the executive board of the Kurdish Writers’ Association and works as a teacher in Diyarbakır.


Bilindahiyên Xwedawend (Goddess Heights), Tevn Publishing House, 2014

Hêviyên Dilazad (Free-Hearted Hopes), J&J Publishing House, 2015

Sêgoşe û Çargoşe (Triangle and Square), Hîva Publishing House, 2016


Third prize in the Qamişlo Culture and Art Center of Cezire Canton Short Story Festival, 2016.

Contact Information:

E-mail: helbest-35@hotmail.com