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H. Kovan Baqî

Short story writer, novelist, editor.

Baqî was born in 1972 in Heramya, a village in the District of Derik in Mardin province. He completed his primary school education in Heramya/Derik and then left school. He currently lives in Izmir. He is married and has two sons. He is one of the founders of Na Publishing House. Apart from writing stories and novels, he is also an editor and proofreader.


Short story:

Çîroka Çîrokan (The Story of Stories), Short stories, Bajar Editions, 2004, Istanbul

Bêexlaq (Immoral), Short stories, Na Editions, 2012, Izmir


Prematür (Premature), Novel, Na Editions, 2014, Izmir

Heteroglossîa (Heteroglossia), Novel, Ronahî Editions, 2014, Diyarbakır

Aporîa (Aporia), Novel, Na Editions, 2015, Izmir

Dîfférance (Différance), Novel, Na Editions, 2016, Izmir

Aporia (Aporia), Novel, Na Editions, 2016, Izmir

Contact Information:

E-mail: h.kovan@hotmail.com