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Cihan Yıldırım


Cihan Yıldırım was born in the Kurtalan district of Siirt province in 1972. He completed his primary and secondary education in Kurtalan. He then graduated from Dicle University’s Department of French Education in 1996. The same year he started teaching in Diyarbakır.

Cihan Yıldırım developed an abiding interest in culture and literature while he was a university student, and he did research on the topics. In the 1990s, he worked as a journalist and television programmer in local media. In 2009, he and his friends established the “Zimanperwer” group. The group is studying on Kurdish (Kurmanci dialect). Some of his writings and literary works have been published in Kurdish magazines and web sites, including Kovara, W, Amîda Kurd, Zimanperwer, Welatperwer, and Diyarname.



Dağların Efendisi KOÇERO (KOÇERO, The Lord of the Mountains), Novel, Orient Editions, 2006, Second edition, Ava Editions, 2010

Nalebar (Nalebar), Novel, J&J Editions, 2014

Mîrê Çiyayan KOÇERO (KOÇERO, The Emir of the Mountains), Novel, J&J Editions, 2015

Short stories:

Elîk û Fatik (Elîk and Fatik), Folklore, Municipality of Kayapınar Editions, 2009

Zenga Zêra (The Rust of Gold), Folklore, Municipality of Kayapınar Editions, 2009

Nîvê Şevê û Tirkî (Midnight and Turkish), Story, Pêrî Editions, 2010

Fîtnevîzyon, Story, Pêrî Editions, 2012

Research and Scholarship:

Attan Hızlı Gidenler (They Who Go Faster than the Horse), Research, J&J Editions, 2016

Contact information:

E-mail: cihanhoca1@hotmail.com