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Jîr Jan Amedî

jir_jan_amedi_resimResearcher, writer and poet.

Jîr Jan Amedî was born on 11th June 1971 in the Farqîn (Silvan) neighborhood of Amed (Diyarbakır). He started his media and publication career in 1989 writing in Turkish; however, some of his pieces in Kurdish were published in the newspaper Welat. He studied social sciences in 1995. Later he studied sociology and left the department of public administration unfinished. After engaging in trade for a long time, he gave it up in 2010. He is the executive editor of the magazine Ronahî. His literary and philosophical articles and reviews have been and continue to be published in Ronahî. Amedî lives in Istanbul.



Sözün Önü (In Brief), published under the name of Süleyman Ekmiş, Gündüz Editions, 2007

Girêk (The Tangle), Kitaphane Editions, 2011

Şopa Bêdengiyê (The Trace of Silence), Ronahî Magazine Editions, 2014 (second edition, 2015, Ronahî Magazine Editions)


1929 Jêlî Aşireti Ayaklanması (Resul Ağa) (The 1929 Jêlî Tribe Uprising (Rasoul Agha), Zeynelabidîn Zinar, Pencînar Editions, 2015, Sweden

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