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Hogir Berbir

hogir_berbir_resimResearcher, writer, and translator.

According to his ID card, Hogir Berbir was born on 8th October 1976 in Pîran (Pîrxetab), a village connected to the town of Şemrex (Mazıdağı) in the province of Mêrdîn (Mardin), and his real name is Hamdullah Daşçi. In fact, however, he was born in Dêrika Çîyayê Mazî (Derik) town. He finished primary school and studied for one year in secondary school. On January 1st, 1995, because of his political thoughts, he was detained on charges of being a member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and served in prison almost ten years before finally being released on 15th May 2004. Berbir, who started to write in his mother tongue while in prison, writes short stories, poems, and articles, and compiles folktales as well. His articles, poems, and short stories have been published by websites, magazines, and newspapers, and a few of his works have been collected into books. For some time, he was a member of the boards of directors of the Kurdish Institute of Istanbul and the Kurdish Writers’ Association. Currently, he is working for the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality as a Kurdish translator. Berbir, who is married, has two children and lives in Diyarbakır.


Short story collection:

Xezeba Agirê Har (The Wrath of the Furious Fire), Tevn Editions, 2008


Siya Şikestûnê Tûrcel (Tûrcel, the Shade of Şikestûn), Aram Editions, 2011


Zîndaname (From Jail), J&J Editions, 2014

Compilations of epics and folktales:

Ji Dengbêj Fadilê Kufragî Destan û Çîrokên Kurdî (Kurdish Epics and Folktales by Dengbêj Fadilê Kufragî), The Kurdish Institute of Diyarbakır Editions, 2007

Dursel û Marê Reş (Dursel and the Black Snake), Ava Editions, 2009

Destanên Kurdî (Kurdish Epics), The Municipality of Kayapınar Editions, 2013

Melekê Tawûz û Yezîda (The Peacock Angel and Yazida), Sîtav Editions, 2013

Folktale books for children:

Seteke pirtûkên zarokan a ku ji 8 pirtûkan pêk tê (A set of eight children’s books), the Municipality of Baglar Editions, 2009 (second edition, the Municipality of Kayapınar Editions, 2013)

Seteke pirtûkên zarokan a ku ji 2 pirtûkan pêk tê (A set of two children’s books), Aram Editions, 2012 (second edition, the Municipality of Kayapınar Editions, 2012)


The Honourable Mention Award of the Competition of the Diyarbakır Branch of Education and Science Workers’ Union

A plaque presented to him at the Northern and Western Kurdish Literature Days by the Union of Kurdish Writers – Duhok

Contact information:

Email address: rojisor@hotmail.com