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Yaşar Eroğlu

yasar_eroglu_resimWriter and journalist.

He was born in 1960 in the province of Qerekilîs (Ağrı). After high school, Yaşar Eroğlu joined the ranks of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. He was captured, tried, and sentenced to the death penalty in 1981. He was released from prison at the end of 2001. He has been active in literary and cultural arenas. He served as a board member in the Kurdish Institute of Istanbul and worked as part of the editorial staff of the magazine Zend. In 2007, he took up working for the daily newspaper Azadiya Welat as a columnist and member of the editorial staff. His writings have been published in the magazines Zend, Çirûsk, and Nûbihar, the daily newspaper Azadiya Welat, and websites such as Amîda Kurd, Diyarname, TZP Kurdî, aryahaber.com, and yeniulkehaber.com. Since 2009, he has as an administrator and in other capacities in the political parties of the Kurdish movement. He continues his works on Kurdish language and literature and has produced a great deal of writings in this field. Yaşar Eroğlu has been giving Kurdish lessons for four years.


Short story collections:

Nahêlin Em Bigihîjine Bihara Xwe (They Don’t Let Us See Our Springtime), Aram Editions, 2005

Hêvî (Hope), Sîtav Editions, 2013

Collected works:

Qewdek Sosretî (A Bunch of Oddness), Aram Editions, 2010

Contact information:

Email addresses: menasyasar@hotmail.com