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Paşa Amedî

pasa_amedi_resimAuthor, short story writer, and editor.

He was born in 1970 in the village of Qerto (Alakoç) in Çêrmûg (Çermik), Amed (Diyarbakır). He completed his primary school education in his own village, began secondary school at the Ergani Regional Boarding Secondary School and finished in the Bağlar district of Diyarbakır. Following that, he studied at the Diyarbakır College of Environmental Health for two years. After this college was closed down, he transferred to the İzmir Torbalı Vocational High School of Health. His love and enthusiasm for literature, research, and writing started in this period. His early pieces were published in the high school’s newspaper. In his final year of high school, the school management decided to expel him along with four of his friends on the grounds that they had been involved in separatist and anti-secularist activities. However, this punishment was reduced to suspension from school for fifteen days. After his graduation in 1992, he began working as an environmental health technician in Iğdır. He was a founder of the Zehra Foundation’s branch there and presided it for some time. During the military memorandum that began on 28 February 1997, he was under constant pursuit and surveillance, and was the subject of various investigations. As a voluntary member of the Nûbihar Association, Paşa Amedî has been active in the cultural efforts of the association, writing all of his pieces in the Kurmanjî dialect of Kurdish, his mother tongue. He started writing in Kurdish in 1999, first by writing down short notes in his diary, and has been regularly writing since 2007. He has written columns for internet sites like gazetekurd.net and nubiharder.com and worked as an editor for them. Amedî continues to work on short stories and novels, and his writings are occasionally published in the magazine Nûbihar. Currently, he writes pieces about culture for the internet site candname.com, for which he is also an editor.


Folklore compilation:

Çûka Keko Peko / Pepûk (Cuckoo), Nûbihar Editions, 2012

Contact information:

Email address: pasaamedi@gmail.com

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