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Mîran Janbar

miran_janbar_resimWriter, screenwriter, and producer.

Mîran Janbar was born in 1974 in the Emrûd village of Qoser (Kızıltepe) in Mêrdîn (Mardin). In 1997, he graduated from the Department of Mathematics in the Faculty of Science and Letters at Dicle University in Diyarbakır. He performed theatre during his years at university. He published poems and short stories in magazines like Jiyana Rewşen, Pelîn and Kulîna Kulîlkan in the late 1990s. After 2000, the writer’s short stories, notable examples of science-fiction and fantastic short stories, began appearing in the literature magazine W. Janbar is one of the founders of Lîs Publishing House and lives in Diyarbakır.



Ardûda (Ardûda), Lîs Editions, 2004

Qolyeya Cécileê (Cécile’s Necklace), Lîs Editions, 2012

Children’s book:

Azad (Azad), Lîs Editions, 2006

Contact information:

Email address: miranjanbar@gmail.com