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İkram İşler

ikram_isler_resimTeacher, researcher, and writer.

He was born in 1965 in the village of Pêrtax, in the town of Erdîş (Erciş) in Wan (Van) Province. İkram İşler graduated from the Department of Sociology in Ankara University’s Faculty of Languages, History and Geography in 1986. In the 1985-1986 school year, he was one of the founders of the DTCF (The Faculty of Languages, History and Geography) Students’ Union, as a result of which he was taken into police custody several times. He started to teach philosophy in 1989. After losing his father in the same year, he requested an official appointment in Erciş, the town of Van. He worked at the Erciş High School as a teacher and vice principal. Subsequently, he was banished to the west of Turkey along with ten other teachers. After his exile, he headed for Istanbul, where he partook in the work of the Kurdish Institute of Istanbul and prepared books intended as educational sources. He delivered lectures with his own books at the Centre of Kurdish Education that opened in Istanbul at that time. When he returned to Van in order to complete his work titled Zîlan Dosyası (Report About the Zîlan Massacre), he took charge of the teacher training program at Kurdî-Der (Kurdish Language Association) in Van. In collaboration with Qahir Bateyî and others, he also founded a publishing house named Sîtav in Van. He was responsible for page layout for Sîtave. İşler has continued to teach philosophy since 1989.


Books about language teaching:

Gav Bi Gav Kurdî 1 (Kurdish Step by Step 1), with Adar Jiyan and Sadık Varlı, published as a supplement of the magazine Emek, 2004 (second edition, Sîtav Editions, 2014)

Kurdiya Hêsa (Easy Kurdish), The Kurdish Institute of Istanbul Editions, 2003

Folklore compilations:

Çîrokên Gelêrî û Destana Şemikê Bêdiran (Folktales and The Epic of Şemik the Toothless), The Kurdish Institute of Istanbul Editions, 1998

Mîrze Mihemed û Çavreşa Qîza Mîrê Ereban (Prince Mohamad and the Arabian Ameer’s Black-Eyed Daughter), Sîtav Editions, 2014


Zîlan Dosyası 1-2 (Report About the Zîlan Massacre 1-2), Sîtav Editions, 2015


Komkujiya Pêrtaxê (The Pêrtax Massacre), Zend, Autumn 2010

Nexşên Li Ser Xalîçeyên Kurdan û Wateyên Wan (Patterns on Kurdish Carpets and Their Meanings), Zend, Winter 2011

Zargotina Kurdî Dengê Zîlanê (Kurdish Folklore, the Voice of Zîlan), the magazine of the Kurdî-Der Erciş, 2013

Contact information:

Email address: ikramisler@gmail.com