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Hasip Yanlıç

hasip_yanlic_resimWriter and researcher.

He was born in 1973 in Amed (Diyarbakır). He was educated entirely in Diyarbakır. He lives in Diyarbakır and works as an independent accountant and financial advisor. He has been professionally engaged in diverse work regarding the Kurdish language since the year of 2004. He is a member of the Kurdish Writers’ Association and the PEN Kurdish Centre. He has been teaching Kurdish at Kurdî-Der (The Kurdish Language Association) since 2006. He worked for a short time at the Kurdish Institute of Diyarbakır. His articles and short stories have been published in a variety of newspapers and magazines. His compilations of children’s stories have been published in book form. In 2009, he began work on the first accounting manual in Kurdish, which was published in 2011 by the Kurdish Institute of Diyarbakır Editions. All of Yanlıç’s published works are in Kurdish.


Short story collection:

Çîrokên Şoreşger (Revolutionary Stories), J & J Editions, 2012


Kêzxatûnê (The Bug Lady), The Municipality of Yenişehir Diyarbakır Editions, 2010

Lîstikên Zarokan (Children’s Plays), The Municipality of Yüksekova Editions, 2012

Accounting manual:

Jimêryariya Giştî (General Accounting Manual), The Kurdish Institute of Diyarbakır Editions, 2011

Contact information:

Email address:hasip@hotmail.com