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Feysel Özdemir

feysel_ozdemir_resimWriter, poet, and editor.

He was born in 1967 in the Sîya (Bağlıca) village of Misirc (Kurtalan) in Sêrt (Siirt). He completed elementary school in 1978. His father gave him Arabic lessons in the same period and afterwards he studied in madrasa. He read odes and other poems by Ehmedê Xanî, Melayê Cizîrî, Feqîyê Teyran and Cegerxwîn in his childhood. In 1985, he completed his education at the madrasa and received his diploma. In 1986, he worked as an imam in the Uşî village of Kurtalan for one year and taught the students there in this period. Later on, he withdrew from his work as an imam and started to work as a construction worker. In 1992, due to his patriotism, he was detained on the grounds that he was a member of the illegal Kurdistan Workers’ Party and served nine years and four months in prison. While in prison, Feysel Özdemir continued his study of literature and writing. During his time under arrest, he wrote a number of works in Kurdish and attempted to smuggle them out. However, the authorities confiscated these works, only some of which could be saved, and after his release from prison, he undertook to rewrite these works. Feysel Özdemir lives with his family in Batman, where he continues to work to improve the Kurdish language and Kurdish literature. Currently, he is a board member in the Kurdish Writers’ Association and is also the representative of the association’s Batman branch.



Rûpelên Binaxkirî (The Pages Under the Sod), J&J Editions, 2013


Evîna Rojdayê (Rojda’s Love), J&J Editions, 2014

Short story collection:

Dadgeha Evînê (The Trial of Love), J&J Editions, 2016

His poetry book:

Şaneşîna Dil (A Balcony of the Heart), J&J Editions, 2016

Contact information:

Email address: dicle_firat72@hotmail.com