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Fatih Marufoğlu

imageMusic teacher and conductor.

Born in 1978 in Erdîş (Erciş), a town of Wan (Van), he graduated from the Department of Music Education at the Yüzüncü Yıl University in 2002. In 2010, he began to teach music, primarily for viola, violin, and orchestra. He made arrangements and adaptations for solo viola and viola duets that could be used in violin training. He gave dozens of concerts together with chamber orchestras and folk orchestras. He transcribed pieces from other instrumental repertoires for viola, and used the educational music in the viola repertoire. He adapted and arranged folk songs, popular music, and soundtracks for the chamber orchestra, performing them together with folk and chamber orchestras at home and abroad. In particular, he arranged and transcribed a variety of examples of Turkish and Azeri folk music for solo singers and orchestras, an attempt to make the audience listen to these folk songs with a different interpretation. In 2015, he published his book Stranên Kurdî (Kurdish Songs) for the purpose of performing Kurdish folk melodies in the chamber music and educational music repertoires. In this book, he adapts Kurdish melodies arranged for various instruments for performance on flute and strings. In the process of arranging and adapting the musical pieces, he set his sights on preserving the authenticity of the folk melodies, performing them polyphonically in classical Western music styles, and keeping them suitable for pupils’ levels. In 2007, he composed the soundtrack of Sevgilim Hayat (Life, Mon Amour), a short film about the difficulties encountered by refugees and produced in association with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In addition to composing original music for this film’s soundtrack, Marufoğlu has produced many compositions for both cinema and theatre. From 2001 onwards, he worked for the State Theatre as well as for private theatres as a musician and conductor for many theatrical works. Marufoğlu continues to work in the fields of instruments, chorus, orchestra, and music education.

His works:

Music book:

Stranên Kurdî (Kurdish Songs), Sîtav Editions, 2015

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Email address: fatihmarufoglu@yahoo.com