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Dilbêzarê Bêkes

dilbezare_bekes_resimPoet and writer.

He was born in the year of 1949 in the town of Tetwan (Tatvan) of Bedlîs (Bitlis) Province. Bêkes, who studied in Van, is a high school graduate. He later worked as a civil servant for various state-owned companies. He lived abroad for a time. He developed an interest in Kurdish literature beginning in 1970. Unfortunately, however, his writings from that period were left unpublished and were subsequently annihilated. After 1980, having gone abroad, he took up writing once again; but he lost those works as well, when on one occasion he came to Istanbul to have them published. In 1994, he went abroad for the second time and started to write in Kurdish anew. Bêkes has currently published only one work; apart from this, he has four other works forthcoming. One of those books is poetry and the rest are about the Kurdish history, language, and mythology.



Dîwana Dilbêzarê Bêkes (The Divan of Dilbêzarê Bêkes), Pêrî Editions, 2001

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Email address: dilbezarebekes@hotmail.com