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Berham Mîrzo

berham_mirzo_resimPoet and writer.

He was born on 29th February 1964 in the village of Qerekilîs in Erdîş (Erciş), Wan (Van). After attending primary school in his village, he completed secondary and higher education in Erciş. He graduated from the Department of Social Sciences at Eskişehir University in 1997. Upon retiring from his position as a civil servant after twenty years of work, he was elected as a member of the KCD (The Democratic Societies Congress) in 2011. His poems have been published in the magazines Dengê Zîlanê, Sînor, and Çirûsk, and in the newspaper Azadiya Welat. He has written columns for Prestij, one of the local papers in Van. His enthusiasm for philosophy, sociology and religion has made him seek out the truth. He began conducting research as a consequence of the massacres, wars, and policies of hegemonic states, and his research on “seeking the truth” was thereafter published as a book in April 2014. His poetry book Bi Dilketiyên Azadiyê Re Meş (Marching with the Devotees of Freedom) was written as a gift for those who have devoted their lives to freedom and martyrdom. His poetry book titled Risteya Janê (The Lines of Sorrow) consists of the poems he wrote in the 90s and in recent years.



Bi Dilketiyên Azadiyê Re Meş (Marching with the Freedom Devotees), Do Editions, 2011

Risteya Janê (The Lines of Sorrow), Do Editions, 2015


Hakikat Arayışı ve Bilgelik (Seeking the Truth and Wisdom), philosophy, sociology and religion, Do Editions, 2014


Kurdî-Der’s Letter of Thanks for his efforts in Kurdish

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