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ZAREMA_resimZarema is a journal of criticism and theory that began publishing in 2014 and appears every four months. As of May 2016 seven issues have been published. Zarema aims to strengthen the Kurdish language in the social sciences, literature, and art criticism; to maintain a Kurdish-language consciousness among Kurdish intellectuals and to rescue them from the dominance of the Turkish language and the pro-Turkey consciousness; and to build an anti-imperialist perspective based on these grounds. Because many of the articles and essays in the journal, which covers various fields like theater, cinema, literary criticism and the social sciences, were submitted by writers from the South and East of Kurdistan, Zarema aims to constitute itself as a point of contact for intellectuals from the different parts of Kurdistan.

Zarema is open to essays in the fields of literature, arts, and the social sciences. At the same time, it has become an important platform for translations from foreign languages into Kurdish and translations across the Kurdish dialects (especially Soranî and Kurmanjî). The journal has translated and published many essays on subjects from literary theory to history, folklore, theater, cinema, and sociology, but it is also open to writings in languages other than Kurmanjî.

Certain issues of Zarema are devoted to the extensive exploration of a single issue or subject. So far it has prepared two such special issues on Dij-mêtingerî (Anti-imperialism, 2nd issue) and Feminîzm (Feminism, 4th issue). Over the course of two issues (the 6th and 7th issues), moreover, it emphasized modern Kurdish poetry. These issues were prepared in order to help Kurdish-language writers and readers go beyond literary boundaries and open the way for new forms of thinking across different spheres. The journal will continue to emphasize the value of such special issues in the future. In conjunction with developments in the areas of literary, artistic, and political criticism, Zarema strives to articulate these criticisms within the Kurdish language and to advance dialogue and criticism more broadly.

The name of the journal comes from the Avesta scriptures and means ‘Spring’ in the Avestan language, while it also means ‘our heart’ in the Kirmanckî/Dimilkî/Zazakî dialect of Kurdish.

Owner: Fahriye Adsay

Editor: Fahriye Adsay

Editorial board: Mihemed Şarman, Hesenê Dewrêş, Umran Aran, Ferzan Şêr, Burhan Tek

Contact information:

Address: Öztaş Sitesi, 252. Ada, BO-7 Blok, No:9 Şilbe Toplukonutları/Diyarbakır 

E-mail: zaremakurd@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kovarazarema

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kovarazarema


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