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w_dergisiW Journal is a bimonthly journal of culture, art and literature that has been published since 2004. First put together and distributed by a group of writers, it has been an official publication of the Diyarbakır Kurdish Institute since 2006. Due to various difficulties and obstacles facing the journal, which has published fifty-two issues thus far, it will receive support from the Kurdish Writers Association from its 52nd issue onward.

W, which enshrines as its mission and objective the protection, development, and revitalization of Kurdish culture, art, and especially literature, has worked from the very beginning to be an authority and trailblazer in these fields. W exists as a medium for sharing the voices of Kurdish writers, and it represents an open door for youth who feel themselves drawn toward literature.

For many years the Kurdish language and Kurdish literature were prohibited by oppressive governments. Because of these prohibitions, most extant works were created far from Kurdistan. One of W’s goals was to change this situation. In order for Kurdish language and culture to grow, the seeds sown in diaspora needed to sprout and bear fruit in the motherland. For this reason, W is headquartered in Diyarbakır and distributed throughout North Kurdistan and Turkey. Looking at the situation today, one can see that many different cultural and literary journals are being published across different Kurdish cities. This is ostensible proof that the goal of W has been realized.

The fifty-two issues of the journal have featured reports on many cultural, artistic and literary subjects. Among these reports, the ones that have attracted the most attention are those on Melayê Cizîrî, Mehmed Uzun, Nûredîn Zaza, Erebê Şemo, Medreseyên Kurdî (Kurdish Madrasas), Ehmedê Xanî, Arjen Arî, Feqîyê Teyran, Cegerxwîn, Mihemed Şêxo, Romana Kurdî (Kurdish-language Novels), Beşek Ji Me Êzdî û Êzdayetî (Yezidis and Yezidi Culture as a Part of Us), Newroz, Şanoya Kurdî (Kurdish Theater), Sînemaya Kurdî (Kurdish Cinema), Girtîgeh û Wêje (Prisons and Literature), Cizîr (Cizre), Farqîn (Silvan), Di Wêjeya Devkî De Raz û Sembol (Mystery and Symbol in Oral Literature) and Dengbêjî (Traditional Kurdish Folk Music). W acts as a vehicle for bringing together valuable thoughts and ideas across this diverse array of subjects. It has also become a site for productive discussions regarding certain individuals, places, and subjects. Today these reports are used as sources for education, and in particular, for workshops and courses on Kurdish literature.

Editor: Omer Fîdan

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Address: Yenişehir Mah. Lise Cad. H. Yılmaz 2007 Buro, Kapı No:12, Daire No:16, Yenişehir/Diyarbakır 

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