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rewsen_dergisiThe journal Rewşen was launched in May 2010 and is published every three months. Based in Diyarbakır, the journal is in Kurdish and is published throughout North Kurdistan and Turkey. With 15 issues currently in print, the journal is a publication of the Dicle Firat Culture and Art Center.  Rewşen is the successor of the journals Jiyana Rewşen and Rewşen-Name and it continues in their tradition. It is a theoretical and academic journal that focuses on culture, art, literature, and thought. In particular, it works to draw attention to Kurdish culture and art and to shine a light on the future of these fields.

Since its first publication, Rewşen has made its objective and mission the protection and development of Kurdish culture, art, language, and literature. These objectives were published in the form of a manifesto in its twelfth issue. As is stated in this manifesto, “the most sacred of values is a free human being and a free society. This journal defends a democratic and ecological system against a 5000-year system of hegemony. It takes as its principle the defense of sexual freedom against sexism.  It stands on the side of labour against all forms of exploitation. It defends the paradigm of the democratic nation against the mentality of the nation-state that has been the cause for genocide and cultural destruction. The nation-state, in its current formulation, has monopolized both knowledge and the production of knowledge in every sphere it enters. In accordance with the belief with which this journal identifies, knowledge is the result of common social experiments, and for this reason knowledge belongs to the whole of society and must not be used as an instrument of power.”

Rewşen has pursued the above stated goals since its inception. It devotes every issue to in-depth treatment of a particular subject, and has been especially focused on cultural genocide and its consequences, as well as on sharing this subject with its readers. Another subject addressed in many issues is modernity, particularly the effects of capitalist modernity on Kurdish culture and art. In its fifteenth issue, the journal takes up a number of artistic subjects and offers various form of criticism to its readers. Rewşen will continue to be published in accordance with these criteria.

Editor: Serwet Denîz

Contact information:

Address: Tarihi Mehmetoğlu İş Hanı Arcak Sokak No: 10/A Sin Camii Arkası Balıkçılarbaşı Sur Diyarbakır

Telephone: 0 412 299 09 26

Fax: 0 412 299 40 11

E-mail: nurewsenkovar@gmail.com

Web site: www.kovararewsen.com