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Roşna Publishing House

rosna_resimRoşna Publishing House was founded in 2012 in Diyarbakır and primarily publishes books in the Zazakî dialect of Kurdish.

After a century of ongoing oppression and a policy of annihilation directed at the Kurdish language in Turkey, many journals and newspapers began to publish in the Kurmanjî and Zazakî dialects of Kurdish, which are spoken within the political borders of Turkey. Later, a number of writers emerged in the literary sphere who now consistently write in Kurdish. For example, in March 2011, Newepel, the first biweekly newspaper entirely written in Zazakî Kurdish, entered into circulation. At the same time, many new writers emerged as part of the art and literary journal Şewçila, also written in Zazakî. While these writers, working especially in the field of prose literature, began to compile articles and prepare them for publication, Roşna was founded in order to publish these new works in book form.
Under the direction of the writer Roşan Lezgîn, Roşna Publishing House has published 37 books, including thirty-four in Zazakî Kurdish, two in Kurmanji Kurdish, and one in Turkish. A number of the books published by Roşna have attracted great interest, in particular among a Zazakî Kurdish readership, and have run through second editions.

Works of art, and literature in particular, are essential elements in the formation of a people’s national consciousness and identity. The crystallization and standardization of an elevated register is also a foundational factor in literature. Conscious of this fact, Roşna pays special attention to the style of language and literary quality of the books it publishes The books undergo a uniform editorial process, are painstakingly reviewed, and are only published when their language has been rendered flawless.

Contact information:

Address: Diyar Galeria C Blok Kat: 3 No: 9 Yenişehir/Diyarbakır

Telephone: 0412 223 03 69

E-mail: rlezgin@hotmail.com

Web site: www.zazaki.net

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